Why should you #godirect? 

We sat down with recent client Georgii, who owns her own company ‘Georgii’s Musical Theatre Company’ or GMTC for short, to ask a few questions as to why she chose us! Here’s what she had to say:


What was your problem, and why did you come to Direct Print?

“The reason I came to direct print is that I was looking for somewhere that wasn’t as far to travel to. My previous printing company was in Darley Dale and it was a long way to fetch the uniform, especially when something would be wrong and I’d have to drive all the way back out again to sort it. They didn’t have a delivery option either!”

“I run a musical theatre company in Chesterfield and I wanted to find a new company that could supply us with a range of garments for our merch, that was more accessible!”

Where / how did you find us?

“My partner is friends with James and he recommended I tried his company! I emailed James and we started discussing the different types of garments I was after and he helped me choose the best ones for my company!”

How did we help you with this?

“James sent me the online catalogue and I sent pictures of the things I wanted via email and he gave me a price for them all. James kept me informed of everything such as how the image would print on the garments and what would be the best way to do it. I tend to ask a lot of questions to make sure everything is just how I want it so we can avoid any mistakes and James was very easy to talk to.”

Image of multiple products with branding on them

What part of the process did you like the most or were most happy with?

“My favourite part of the process was choosing the garments! I had to find children and adult versions that were similar due to the range of sizes and ages I have in my company and James helped me find matching items.”

Was there anything we could have done differently?

“I wouldn’t say there’s anything that could be done differently. I was sent my sales orders and proofs by Emily every time that something was added or changed and that was helpful to keep an eye on my order! I liked seeing the proofs too as I could then use these for advertising the items to my students. Visual proof always entices students more!”

Do you have any additional comments to add?

“Such a great company, who will always get back to you ASAP and will answer any questions! Not only do we have a happy teacher, there are lots and lots of happy students!”

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