So, you are exhibiting at a business trade show and need to be 100% sure you have everything you need to get the most out of the event and most importantly, bring in those sales! See below our handy list of the necessities you need to help your business stand out from the rest.


  1. Business cards
  2. Literature about your business
  3. Stapler
  4. Notepad
  5. Pen
  6. Backdrop
  7. Promotional giveaways
  8. Branded uniform
  9. Display Products
  10. Banners/Display
  11. Pricelists & catalogues
  12. Special offer for the event


Below we go into a little more depth about how and why we suggest all of the above items and ideas.


  1. Business cards

Pretty self-explanatory but remember your business card can be the first thing your prospect sees so it needs to be clear, professional and memorable. Your prospect might only take your business card and then stuff it into a pocket full a hundred others, so try and make yours stand out. See our range of business cards here.

  1. Literature about your business

Again keep this simple, to the point and most of all lightweight. Lots of other stalls might be handing out flyers, catalogues, price lists etc the bigger and bulkier your information is the less likely your prospects will want to haul it around the exhibition hall. We recommend folded leaflets or standard flyers they are cost effective, quick to turn around and weigh almost nothing.

  1. Stapler

Simple yet very useful. A stapler means you can attach your business cards to your literature. This makes them more prominent and more likely to contact you. A stapler also means you can clip prospects cards to your notebook for note taking and following up.

  1. Notepad

A crucial part of exhibiting is the following up on those important leads. You can only follow up if you have peoples contact details and some brief information about their requirements. You could speak to hundreds of people at a trade show and they can last for more than one day, are you going to remember all those conversations? I know I wouldn’t! Take a notebook and staple peoples cards into it making notes on what they like about your brand and what you can offer them, then be sure to follow up on that lead after the event.

  1. Pen

Make sure you have a pen to hand at all times! You will be on your feet and most the time rushed off them! Have it to hand at all times to make crucial notes about prospects.

  1. Backdrop

Having a well thought out backdrop will make you stand out from the rest. People walking past your stand want to be drawn in and know straight away what you offer as a company. Remember there could be competitors of yours at the event so make it clear why your business is the best and show your prospects the advantage of using your business rather than others. Remember to keep important info to the top of your backdrops like your logo and information. Anything lower down could be lost by things in front of the backdrop. See here our range of roller banners and fabric stands which look fantastic.

  1. Promotional giveaways

How can you be sure prospects will leave the event and remember your name? Giving something away that has a function like a pen or a notepad will solve that problem. Promotional products serve a great purpose in making sure your company name is remembered above the rest. Think your giveaways through properly. Bags are a great idea for pre-stuffing with literature and information on your business. Pens are the most popular as they are so useful! You can even have a range of items starting from budget, going up to more expensive items to give away to really hot leads that you are confident will lead to business. For inspiration see our range here.

  1. Branded uniform

You will no doubt be dressed smartly and wanting people to remember your business name. Why not have your logo on your clothing where hundreds if not thousands of people will see it. Using embroidery or print, your logo can be applied to almost anywhere on a t-shirt, shirt, blouse, hat even a tie! Clothing items can be found here.

  1. Products to display

If your products are small enough to take to your event why not take some with you and have them on display. This way your product can do some of the selling for you. People like to touch and feel products so be sure they aren’t of too much value or will be easily broken!

  1. Trade stand

Got space for a table and chairs? If so, you could host mini-meetings with current customers or prospects on your stand. Remember to keep your stand clutter-free and safe if people will be looking around it. Having somewhere to sit and have a coffee is a great way of enticing people onto your stand that could have been walking for long periods of time.

  1. Pricelists and catalogues

Be sure that you have some price lists or catalogues to hand out. Remember to keep them light where possible or you can even upload your catalogue onto a branded USB which is a great way of giving something away with your logo on. We offer branded brochures and booklets see here.

  1. Special offer

Another idea can be to run an offer or competition at the event. This could be something like asking for a prospects business card in return for entry into a raffle draw for a prize or discount. You could also print some flyers with special offers for new customers that use you from the event.


We hope you find this information useful, If there is anything our team can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.