Direct Print are allies with various Pride organisers and LGBT+ charities.

As we all know, the Corona Virus has caused havoc with Pride plans, with cancellations occurring nationwide.

Sensible runs of quality online merchandise could provide vital income during these uncertain times. We strongly recommend these rainbow trimmed t-shirts, a beautiful product new to the market and ideal way for the public to show their support.

Having contacted all British Prides, here are our top ten designs to suit the garment:




‘Bourne Free’ – what a cracking phrase!

A lovely play on words connecting the seaside town to Pride’s core values. A soft rainbow blend of colour across the text makes this a simple yet effective entry to our top ten.






A picture paints a thousand words.

Calderdale’s rainbow people, including trans and bi, celebrates the diversity of our local communities. A superb piece of design with a strong message. And on a lighter note, reminds you how delicious jelly babies are!





Channel Islands

Crazy cartoons smash the charts!

This top ten isn’t ranked, but if it was, CI Pride would be a feisty contender. These beautifully illustrated cartoons would be extremely popular on any printed merchandise.






Northern / Newcastle

We’ve got to back the North!

Both the circular 2020 logo and this strong hashtag would make ‘canny’ tees. The Angel of the North design is a particular favourite and would be a great addition to Northern’s current online offering.





Oxford (also Chase & Doncaster) 

Arty but certainly not farty!

A few prides have gone for a cubism design of their city’s adopted animal and the results are fabulous. Rich in colour, these are a real statement of pride in every sense. I’d recommend a left chest embroidery for this style.






Both chests are better than one!

Often logos are embroidered or printed on the left chest and the other left blank. However, the design work Salford have displayed on their social media pages suited branding across the right chest too. An unorthodox design but one we think works really well.







Had to be included! Our local Pride use a lovely faded rainbow in the background of their logo. With a white or black keyline, this can be achieved to great effect and looks even better using dye-sublimation print onto flags, as we did last year.







Full colour prints? The only way is Essex!

Southend’s quirky chippie design would make full use of the photographic quality our transfers can provide. However buyers beware, endless jokers will let you know you have ketchup on your shirt! We think that just adds to the charm of this design.






Strength in a symbol.

Totnes organisers Pride2Be have nailed the symbolism of Pride events. The beauty of the butterfly married with the solidarity of the raised fist makes a really strong statement. By leaving out the Devon town’s name, these would have nationwide popularity. 





We are really proud of this product and its potential to support LGBT+ organisations during these difficult times.

If you can see potential in these t-shirts or wish to offer other merchandise, just get in touch. Even if you don’t have an online store, we can set this up for you FREE OF CHARGE!

Stay safe,

Matt –