Now, to say we were chuffed when Henderson’s Relish contacted us about providing their promotional merchandise would be the understatement of the year. Not only do they provide the best-known sauce in the world (aka Hendo’s) but they are local legends engraved into the beating heart of Sheffield! So when we got the call asking if we could talk through some of our products we were absolutely over the moon.

Heres how it went…


Henderson’s Relish have been creating their phenomenal sauce for over 130 years! It is a closely guarded secret to the exact family recipe but certainly no secret that this stuff goes well on absolutely anything. Being the local sauce celeb that it is, the brand has become very popular over the years and thus no dining table across the land is missing a bottle of the good stuff.

Their distinctive bright orange branding can be spotted a mile off. Sticking to their traditional colour scheme Henderson’s underwent a slight facelift this year and introduced a new typeface and logo. Along with this they also introduced a new label to wrap around the famous bottles of holy liquid.



So Henderson’s wanted products they could sell on their website over the Christmas period for people to wear and display proudly around Sheffield…Ok maybe the UK…Probably even the world!

They wanted a limited yet quality range of gifts that not only incorporated the new branding but also reflected their traditional quality values. 



So the brief we were given from Henderson’s was that the gifts needed to be…

  • Functional
  • High quality
  • Appealed to a wide audience 
  • Would be used often

After all, when creating promotional products, you want them to be on show as much as possible. 



Luckily the deadline on this project wasn’t so tight so we had time to create many proofs and even samples for Henderson’s so they could check our level of quality as well as product weights and sizes. 


Product Selection

After much discussion Henderson’s agreed on proceeding with our Bone China Marlborough mugs, Matt black aluminium water bottles and our UK made knitted beanie hats. After the proofs were signed off it was time to create their pre-production samples. 

Samples were promptly created and then signed off by their team. From here we sent them straight into production.

Finished Product

We think you will agree the finished products surpassed all expectations. Henderson’s fans were that impressed that the beanies sold out almost immediately meaning a repeat order was placed to secure more stock and to not let anyone go without one of these stunning head warmers. 


We took our china Marlborough mugs and branded them around the sides using a bright pantone matched orange transfer. As an added extra we also added a base stamp print to the bottom so when you are finishing your brew, onlookers will be reminded there is only one relish in town.




The bespoke beanie hats are proudly manufactured here in the UK and hand-finished with soft acrylic poms. Knitted into the sides of the hat are the words ‘STRONG & NORTHERN’. The embroidered logo to the front fold over finishes the hats off with their new bottle icon and modern font.




Printing onto black can sometimes prove difficult. Have you ever tried painting a dark room a light colour? Same thing. However, after some print tests and a final pre-production sample, we achieved the desired finish. The aluminium water bottles are a stunning addition to the range and provide a real quality gift for all.




The results?

The branded gift items went live on Hendo’s website not long ago and as a result, they have seen fantastic sales on the festive range. Their branding is replicated perfectly across a range of luxury gift items. Lovers of the sauce can rest easy that their family and friends will be opening something special on the big day. 

Nah then, if you haven’t already, visit their website below and remember to have plenty in stock and on your Christmas dinner table! 

Thanks for reading.