Embroidery Service

Looking for a local embroidery company in Sheffield? With our in-house embroidery service, we can quickly turnaround high quality embroidered garments for your sports team or business.

At Direct Print & Promotions we take great pride in the quality of our embroidery. We will replicate your logos in stunning, stitched out detail.

Our embroidery company has been suppling local businesses for many years. Our experienced team know a thing or two when it comes to embroidering your clothing and teamwear.

Embroidery works perfect on all types of clothing including…

  • Hoodies
  • Polos
  • T Shirts
  • Caps
  • Beanies
  • Workwear
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Bags

…and pretty much anything else with space for a logo.

We have even embroidered onto horse saddles, socks, pants and scarves! If there is room to frame it, we will stitch it!

The embroidery process.

Working with a very experienced team of digitizers, we first trace your logo and recreate it as a digital embroidery file that is then sent electronically to our machines.

From here we carefully match the colours in your logo to our hundreds of different threads.

Once the embroidery threads are threaded onto our machines we then run a pre-production sample which is photographed and sent to you to be approved. Not all embroidery companies will do this but we feel it is very important and we know this adds peace of mind to our clients knowing their logos layout, size and colours are all how they want them.

Why embroidery clothing?

Embroidered clothing is great for boosting brand awareness. Whether a one man band just starting our or a 200+ employee sort of business, first impressions really do count.

Having your logo on embroidered onto your work clothing adds extra professionalism to your businesses brand and reputation.

Let Sheffield’s premier embroidery company help you make the right first impression.