On brand, wearable items with your company logo can create brand awareness and give your business a sleek, uniform look instantly recognisable by your clients. Instead of using plain black gowns or aprons that have no branding, why not generate name recognition and interest in your company with branded clothing items and accessories.

You want to choose wisely for your work wear. Comfort is key, and where you can, ensure any wearable is: comfortable, flexible, fits well, and is of suitable and lasting material. You should also make sure you include style, so make sure your items reflect your brand, industry, and keeps up with salon/barber trends.


Everyone knows the familiar black gown that they swap out their jacket for in a salon or barber shop, and the awkward rushing to find the arms..to find out this one doesn’t have arm spaces and resulting in you feeling a little silly. But that’s all they are, a plain black gown you sit staring at in the mirror for the duration of your time there. Many clients will take photos while their hair is busy being pampered, which means you’ll be getting free advertisements to their friends and family, and even followers! It makes sense then, to have a logo that incorporates some sort of backward design for mirrors. You’re welcome!




For salons, this Bib Apron is perfect. Both this and the gown are both made from waterproof fabric so the wearer can wipe down with ease. Height is adjustable with a plastic buckle on the neckband. For barber shops, the 100% leather artisan back rib apron is a stylish choice. This Apron offers maximum coverage and is built to last in the toughest of environments. Accessorised with antique brass buckles, rivets, eyelets and snap fasteners for design and functionality. Be a literal walking advertisement for your brand.





To main items you need in your business space, are business cards and leaflets/price lists. Something you can give to every client you have, for appointment reminders, your details, and your prices. It also means they have something on hand to show their family or friends when they meet up and say ‘Your hair looks great! Who did you go to?!’. We offer a massive range of printed leaflets & flyers on varied different paper styles and weights, with standard paper sizes ranging from A6 right up to A4 size. Soft touch laminated business cards are luxurious in quality and feel and can be printed single or double-sided so you don’t have to squash everything into one small space. You could also design a loyalty card for your clients to keep them coming back and make them feel appreciated, using the business card style.



If you really want to make your clients feel at home and appreciated, we suggest creating mini gift bags to give out, either on a day to day basis or as a giveaway promotion. With this, you could pop your business card, price list, and loyalty cards all in one place, and maybe add a little something sweet like branded mints or sweets!


What’s worse than finishing a clients hair, it looks perfect, you love it, they love it, and they step outside to rain and wind and it’s ruined! Make sure you have on hand branded umbrellas to gift or lend to clients. Another way to make them feel appreciated, trusted and loyal to you and your salon/barber and another item that’ll fit nicely into your goodie bag is the supermini umbrellaKeep your client’s hair as perfect as your work is!



We have such a huge range of products at Direct Print, we’re certain we can help match the right product for your needs, call 0114 398 9454 or email sales@dppuk.co.uk