Did you know?

So as you will be aware, a lot of new cars these days are keyless entry enabled. However, this has led to a new sort of car theft called relay theft. Key hacking also known as ‘relay theft’ is where thieves copy the signals emitted from your keyless car keys and using these signals to enter your car and steal your vehicle.


How does it work?

Our wallets are lined with a specially designed material that blocks any signals that leave your car key when it is not in use.



The wallets are finished in a faux leather material giving them a luxury feel and look. There is a handy chrome clip to the reverse side that makes the wallet easy to hang and clip to other keyrings. They are then blind embossed with your company logo to achieve that complete corporate finish.



More information about the wallets can be found here or call us on 0114 398 9454

For further info about car key safety see the RAC’s handy page here