What’s the best way to say thank you to someone? You buy them flowers, or a small gift in appreciation, so why be any different as a company? Too many employees don’t feel appreciated in the work place these days but we’ve got some great promotional gifts for you to say thanks to all those hard working people!

Giveaways are also a great option to have when exhibiting at trade shows, or even visiting potential and existing cutomers. It shows you care, while still being brand smart.

Here are 8 great promotional and fun gifts for you to consider:

  1. The Simple Tote Bag
  2. Stress items
  3. Pens
  4. Sweets
  5. Notepads or Notebooks
  6. Memory Sticks
  7. Coloured Crayons
  8. Bubble Blow Pots

Each one of these is small and easy to pop into a good bag, or, be used AS the goodie bag, two birds with one stone! Fill a tote bag with classic and unusual items for promotional giveaways or pick one to give to all.

All of these items can be customised to have your company/brand logo to show off where ever they are enjoyed.

Most of these are your classic giveaway items and the most practical, with pens and notebooks and memory sticks being some of the things we use in everyday life. But you have to have a little fun sometimes, and something different and quirky like a stress ball, or a bubble blow pot, can really show that your brand is open to everything and happy to make others happy.

Wouldn’t you be more likely to buy from a company that knows how to work hard & play hard, instead of all work & no play?!



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