Why colour is important to your brand

Colour has an important role in how your brand is perceived. No matter what your company is, fashion; medical; educational, you should research colour meaning and psychology to help you choose the right colour for your brand, identity and values. A great looking brand will bring in your ideal customers and help you grow.

Colours can affect our day to day decisions and we relate human behaviour to colours, i.e Red = anger, passion, love; Yellow = sun, happy, joy. Where one colour may look appealing to us, another may not be and this is what could be the difference between a customer clicking submit my order or not. Colours mean different things to different people so consider this when deciding on a brand colour, you may perceive the colour that you want, differently to the clients that you want to attract. It could be the difference between a sale or not, success or failure.

By using colours to your advantage, you can make sure your customers are seeing you the way you want them to, and portray your company and brand the correct way. Poor selection of branding colours can cause problems for your brand image, such as bad readability and your target audience not understanding your logo or being able to see it properly. It’s all about finding what is right for you and your brand, stand out from the crowd!


We’ll be creating a blog for each colour’s history and meanings, in the hope that we can help you come to a decision on the right colour branding for your company and what you are about. We’re not just about the products!



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