Is it really the last month of the year?! Where has this year gone? 

For the last couple of weeks now, we have been steadily bombarded with festive food adverts. Michael Buble is back on the scene and #Whamageddon is well underway.

It’s time for festive fun and cheer whether in the office, round the Christmas markets, at the work do, or just down your local pub.

Along with all the festivities, this time of year it is also great for raising much-needed funds for charitable causes.

One campaign that is very easy to get involved with is the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day 2019.

All you have to do to get involved, is don your brightest, most festive, bauble covered, light up Christmas jumper. Why not get all the office involved? The charity is asking for donations of just £2. 

The charity does incredible work all over the world and your small donation could help change a child’s life. Find out more about their cause here


Struggling for a jumper?

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Check out the official Christmas Jumper Day website here: