The work desk. We use it every day. At home, in the office, or even in the car. But what’s ON your desk? Think of the number of products you use each day for work that you could be using to show off your brand.

Some of the most popular promotional products are on your desk. Such as pens, notebooks and even business cards! Whether you’re on the move or stationary you could be missing out on some great promo opportunities. The next client meeting you go to, where do you go? What do you take? Pop your logo on those items and get your brand into the meetings.

74% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their workspace, could one be yours? Office items are great for giveaways, everyone uses a pen and most people carry one with them, a small but powerful branded item. They’re nice and easy to make up little goodie bags too!

We’ve put together some of the most important and high usability products for you to use:


Probably the most used and important is the Notebook And Pen, great for making notes when you’re out and about or in meetings. And for the environmentally conscious, both are made from recycled materials. Get your logo on both items, and give a great impression!

Depending on how you wake up, Coasters could be important for your morning coffee or cuppa! You’d probably not think that a coaster would be too important, but they’re a must have for any office or home!  Make sure your company details are on your prospect’s desk with these lightweight and budget friendly printed coffee coasters.

Promotional Fabric Full Colour Mousemats are another must have in an office. Anything is achievable with the great branding space for your logo and again, these are used in everyday life. They’re a great, inexpensive product for staff or giveaways.

For something a little different, personalised Wheelie Bin Pencil Sharpeners. Keep to the point with your promotional campaign with this fun shaped pencil sharpener. Great for kids and adults alike.

Splash some colour onto your desk and into your office, with Plastic highlighter Pots, containing 5 mini highlighters in a range of colours. With a great branding area for your company logo in a fun shape.

Custom printed Large MemoBlocks are a useful product that is sure to be kept on the desk or in the workplace. The paper is 100% recycled and printed plain or with your logo, another environmentally conscious product. A great little item for the office.

And don’t forget to keep your work space clean, especially your screens. Who knows how they get so dusty! These little Cuboid Lens & Screen Cleaner blocks with a black cleaning cloth are a great all in one compact solution. Simply press the button at the top of the casing and spray the cleaning fluid and wipe clean with the cloth side. Easy!

We have such a huge range of products at Direct Print, we’re certain we can help match the right product for your needs, call 0114 398 9454 or email